About Me

About Me

Little Ol’ Me

I’m Lauren and my peeps call me Lo. I’m a California Girl turned Arizona Gypsy. Now that’s fun ain’t it? 😉 I am a woman of God and a follower of His path. I thrive on big change! A little weird I know, but it’s true! Nothing screams adventure to me more than when I’m taking a leap of faith and diving head first into the abyss with nothing but God’s hands to catch me.


I’m a free spirit and summertime is my jam! I can’t be held down for too long hence why I am a creative entrepreneur specializing in writing, photography, logo design and whatever other crazy ideas might splash across my brain! Why? Well for one, it is awesome and for two, it allows me to be my own boss and most importantly do me when and wherever I please. It works for me and makes my heart skip a beat. I realized long ago that there had to be more to life than white walls, fluorescent light and office gossip. More to livin’ life then just waiting for the weekend and it’s sunny promises and more time to explore than just the annual 2 weeks.


This blog is a product of that belief but also the call that women need to hear that they are beautiful and find the courage to step out of the norm and pursue their dreams no matter how far out of reach they may seem. To know that they are worth every penny and more and to remember that someone is always fighting for them even if they cannot feel or see it. That is why i have lovingly and carefully decided to call this blog Be You Lady! You gotta learn what it is that makes you, you. What hopes, dreams and desires make your butterflies come to life and then give it all you got to go get ‘em!


A little FYI: God is a part of me and if He’s not a part of you, that’s okay. But I’ve learned that I cannot hide who I am to appease others and so I will not be doing that here. In this blog I will share my experiences, trials, thoughts and moments of self discovery with God in every bit of it. I hope and pray that you get what you need from this whether that’d be a laugh, encouragement, inspiration or the feeling and realization that you really are not alone.


Most days you can find me writing to the beat of the music and sketching up some slice of awesome for a rad logo design (or attempting to master a new yoga pose). I LOVE movies to infinity and back and I think Cheetos and PB & J go together like salt and pepper and I ain’t afraid to put the Cheetos inside of my bomb sandwich for a sumptuous bit of YASSSS either! (That’s right. And let me just say, this is a serious case of don’t knock it till ya try it!) Photography speaks to my soul and allows me to see places and moments that are not near and that’s why I love to polish that lens and show what inspires me and what speaks to my truth, curiosity and desires. Happy awesome my fellow ladies! PeAce.